Digital Vs Film Photography – What’s Your Best Bet?

There’s a good chance that today’s high school students do not even remember film cameras-loading the roll of film, taking the pictures through a viewfinder, getting it developed, and receiving both the pictures and negatives in return. However, all of them probably have cameras on their cell phones and another digital camera of their own, which they can work with such skill and precision that allows them to show the world the pictorial version of their lives via Facebook. With all of the fancy options available within the tiny box that we call digital cameras, do they really meet the quality of their original film counterparts?Film camera users may look at the “pros” of digital cameras with distaste, and digital camera users may not be able to see any benefit at all to using old-school film. Whether you are a snooty purist who loves having negatives and point-and-click cameras or a control freak that enjoys the instant gratification of digital cameras, you must take a look at the pros and cons of both camera types before you denigrate the opposite camera.Digital photography is a wonderfully convenient development. You have the ability to see a copy of the just-taken picture on the digital screen of the camera, determine whether you like it or not, and delete orĀ  keep it. Some digital cameras allow you to switch back and forth from color to black-and-white to sepia and back. Other digitals give you even more effects, such as having everything in black-and-white except for a color you choose to enhance, such as blue if you are taking a picture of a person with blue eyes.Film photography captures the true, beautiful essence of whatever you decide to photograph. The quality of photos taken with older film cameras is decidedly higher than the printed-off digital counterparts. Also, film cameras are still cheaper than digital ones. Of course, digital cameras are constantly decreasing in price, but when compared feature-to-feature, film cameras offer more bang for your buck. Additionally, it is now possible to get your prints taken with a film camera put on a disc.Either way, with the variety of both digital and film cameras available, you should be able to find exactly what you need based on your desire for quality or the ease of instantly uploading your pictures to your computer. A camera is an excellent way to capture your memories or create wonderful works of art. You even have the option of turning your photos into canvas pictures.

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