Empowering A First Class Business With First Class Clients

When was the last time you looked at your business in the mirror? What did you see? Did you see a bargain basement type of consulting service or was the reflection back at your show the cream of the crop consulting business? Over the past few months I have been studying many small business and purchasing services and goods on the cheap against paying top dollar for the best quality goods and services.I purchased a pair of no name shoes from a local discount shoe store; you know the ones at the malls throughout North America a few years back. I believe I paid around $40.00 for a pair of dress shoes that were made from fake leather. Over the next few weeks these shoes wore out at an alarming rate, the heels were down to nothing very rapidly and caused some minor discomforts with my back and feet. Needless to say I needed another set of shoes rapidly, this time I decided to invest in a great pair of shoes from a retailer who only sold the best quality products. Being an IT consultant I do a lot of walking around our downtown meeting with clients during the course of the business day, so I welcomed the higher quality product.The next pair of shoes was an investment of around $250.00. Why do I say investment over purchasing? Three years have now passed and I still have those shoes, and recently I had to re-invest another $40.00 to have them resoled. I invested $290.00 over the course of three years for a highly quality pair of shoes that will continue to last for many years to come. In the long run, investing in the best quality has actually cost me less than going for the cheaper alternative, which would have been $40 x 10 to be on the forgiving side.Do you look at your business services in the same light? Are you the discount store or the higher end shoe store? What would happen to your business if you played in the first class crowd? What type of clients would you attract? What time of customers would stay away from you? These are tough questions for the average computer consultant to answer, however for the health of your business; you must go through this exercise.Many small businesses in today’s global market need a systems consultant who plays with the best, understands what the best solutions can do for a business and understand what deploying the right solutions can do for their own business. Just like my pair of shoes, businesses today must invest in first class technology and also invest in the best solutions partner. The cheaper alternative just doesn’t cut in today’s always connected world.Small Business today can no longer tolerate outages due to not having the right services and solutions, however, it is alarming how many businesses still today rather purchase the cheaper alternative rather than invest in the right solution. Are these the clients you want in your business? The successful and leading IT solution providers have a crystal clear vision of who they want to do business with.Small Business IT Professionals must be very clear on the clients that they want to service, just like offering first class services; you must have first class clients. When you have this crystal clear picture of your ideal client, then you can take the next step forward to invest in the right technology partners to help you start playing with the best. There are a number of technology firms in today’s world that range from the cheaper, low cost alternatives right up to the cream of the crop technology partner. Where do you want to play?There is always room at all levels, however, the leading Microsoft Small Business Specialist and technology professionals who decide to go first class will enjoy a business that is satisfying, fulfilling and provides them with the lifestyle that breeds continued success. Those IT Professionals who elect to play with “bottom feeders” will struggle, work longer hours and have a revolving door of customers as their cheaper solutions fail in the market and their customers graduate to a newer standard.For those partners that wish to graduate to the next level there are a number of places to turn to assist you in moving up to play with the best. Mentoring, business coaching and peer groups exist across the globe to work with you in achieving your business and life goals.Don’t be afraid to let customers know your standards when you elect to play in the first class world. Your message must be very clear across all of your corporate messaging, marketing, sales literature and any other documents that your business sends out. Don’t be afraid to say no to the business out there that do not value the services that your business can offer to them or do not want to play by your rules of engagement. It is critically important that your business has a clear and defined client picture. When you are clear on the clients you want, they will start to appear and when this happens you will create a fulfilling business.

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